John Locke

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John Locke

John Locke was a man known for being the father of liberalism, and his most popular book Two Treatises of Government have sometimes been called "bible of liberalism".

Locke's liberal outlook is based on a theory on the state of nature. He explains the idea of a persons fundamental obligation and responsibility that is self-preservational,. You live your own life as much as possible, without the influence of a government or a kingdom of some sort. Locke says that every human being is given the individual right's by God, and in that way can achieve individual life and freedom for oneself. We're born as a blank pic of paper and as we go in life, this page will be filled with your own perception of what life should be and what path we should take. (Boucher & Kelly 2009: 211)

Ownership is one of the main points in Locke's philosophy.

He says that our body and our private property is for us to own and for us to keep. He sees this from a religious point of view. He believes that the earth is created by God and that it's created for the human being. We have the right to use our planet, in a reasonable sense, and live a good life for ourselfs. If a person should be able to preserve itself, it's right to use their common sense and act upon that, but we should not use force or violence to prohibit other people's actions. We are, like Locke says "not made for each other's use." But the problem that still exists is that there are criminals who do not respect the rights of others, resulting insecurity and recurrent hazards. In order to protect ourselvles against these, we should according to Locke...