John Marsden's first book in the Tomorrow Series, "Tomorrow When the War Began"

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John Marsden's first book in the "Tomorrow Series", "Tomorrow When the War Began" addresses issues that are commonly see today, even though his book is set in an alternate reality. Even though his book, Tomorrow When the War Began is classified as speculative fiction, there are many issues that occur frequently in 'real' life, such as; the morality of war, relationships, and change.

Is there a morality of war? No, not really. War is all around us and seen also in John Marsden's book, Tomorrow When the War Began which is set in an alternative reality. The book is based around an invasion, where there are seven teenagers that have managed to escape. It is these teenagers that are at war against these invaders. War is happening all around us, not only between countries, but between different people, their race, religions and beliefs. There is no morality of war because all that is left at the end is destruction.

As Ellie says, 'Our lives had always been so unaffected by the outside world Oh, we'd watched the news on TV and felt bad when they shoed pictures of war and famines and floods..." Unless you have experienced war first hand you don't know what its like. "When I thought of it badly like that killed three people, I was so filled with horror. I felt that my life was permanently damaged, that I could never be normal again, that the rest of my life would just be a shell." War is just a pathway to destruction, seen both in reality and alternate reality.

Everyone has relationships, with themselves and the people around them, including Ellie and her friends, in Tomorrow When the War Began. Ellie and her friends discover that they need each other more...