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It is amazing how much human civilization has changed the world. We have come a long way with technological processes in health care for example, and invented new products to make our busy lives run strategically smoother. In all these positive advancements, we have greatly harmed our innocent environment. Where do all these new, used and unused chemicals go? Into the earth and water system, and then into our own homes. Pollution has become an integral and controversial issue of our society today. It is thus difficult to predict what will become of our once beautiful earth. There have been various trials and attempts to help clean up the earth, but nothing has worked tremendously. Something more must be done.

There are a lot of people living in Canada, thus there is a large amount of garbage and waste products produced. By the year 2025, one-quarter of the world's surface area will be waste product.

Public Agenda Online states, "11.9 million people have been affected in America by water contaminants." People today are only concerned with the present and the immediate future of the world they are living in. They don't really care what happens to the planet in sixty years from now, because they won't be around. For those of us who will be around, and care for our environment, we are aware something must be done immediately. Of course there has been recycling, but many people don't like to take the time to do this time-consuming tactic, and also seventy-five per cent of waste materials are not recyclable. There have also been attempts to place and store the garbage away from major towns and cities, but still in Canada. Most recently Mayor Mel Lastman wanted to dump some rubbish up north in Kirkland Lake, but to his dismay,