Keep Austin Growing

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6 April 2014

Keep Austin growing

"I wasn't born in Austin but I got here as fast as I could." A phrase engraved on a number of bumper stickers and t shirts that has been integrated in to the political landscape of the city we live in. It's not hard to see why the beautiful capital building nestled into the brightly lit metropolitan skyline has brought so many. What is equally apparent is the affects it is having within the city.

The streets are crowded and our water is in need of conservation, but Austin has been boasted number one in growth. This was evident in this year's south by south west event, a set of film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences taking place in Austin has boasted a populous that has trumped years past. It gives citizens a chance to enjoy a wide range of entertainment

I, being the jovial naïve eighteen-year old, joined the heard of young adults looking for something bigger in the lone star capital.

Relocating from a one-horse central Texas town I found myself feeling like a hillbilly-farmer walking through the twelfth biggest city in America. Similar too many of the classmates I graduated with I was shown free lessons in college economics. That most job oppurtunities employ at Easy algorithms for groceries, gasoline, and rent that proves costly after a night out. Learning that parking in the wrong spot no longer meant being cursed out by an angry neighbor but rather taking a bus to the impound lot and forking over $200. We have digested that missing rent is not just a mistake but a one hundred dollar fee, per day. We have learned that adding a bit of miso pasta to ramen noodles...