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KEY EVENTS THAT LED TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION This essay list some of the major events in history and tells a little bit about them. The first event i am going to talk about is the Crusades. The Crusades took place in the year 1050 and lasted until the year 1250. The Crusades were a series of "holy wars" that took place over a time spand of 200 years. They were fought in the Roman Empire which is also known as the Holy Land. They started because of conflicts in religion between the Muslim Turks and the Christians.

The next event that i am going to talk about is the Renaissance which took place in mid 1300s. It started because people were getting tired of seeing and doing the same things all the time. The Renaissance was called the rebirth of the weastern culture; by first starting in Italy and then slowly expanding throughout the rest of Europe.

Following the Renaissance was the Columbian Exchange. The Columbian Exchange took place in 1432 and in a lot of ways is still going on today. The Columbian Exchange all started because of a man by the name of Christopher Colombus; in fact the title Columian Exchange was taxen from his last name Colombus. It was an international trade that started out as an exploration for more resorces but ended up as bieng an exchange of goods and services. They traded everything from people and ideas to diseases, technology and animals. IT is still going on today because in everyday life we are still trading, making deals and compromises, to selling things to each other such as goods and services.

The next key event in history that i am going to talk about is an event we call the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation was a protest, that was started or took place in 1517, against the Catholic Church. Two of the key people who were involved in this were John Calvin and Martin Luther. The spot where the Protestant Reformation took place was Italy. It began because people thought that the Catholic religion was corrupt and to overpowering.

Next came the French and Indian War. This war started in 1754 and ended in 1763; and was fought between the French & Indians vs. the British. it started because the new American colonies were trying to expand West into the already settled Indian territory. The war was fought in the Ohio River Valley.

The next event taxes place in Boston in the year of 1770. This event is known as the Boston Massacre. The British or Great Britian was doing something to upset the colonist, or at least upset some of them enough to form a mob around or near a group of British soldiers and comense to throwing stones (rocks) and snow at them. This of course naturally bothered the soldiers as well. In fact it bothered two of them enough to open fire on the mob, in the end killing a total of five colonist.

The last and final event i am going to talk about is event that i am sure everybody has heard and learned about. This event also happened in Boston and is called the Boston "Tea Party". This event happened because the colonist got mad at Great Britian for putting a huge tax on tea. This event took place on December 16, 1773. What happened was this: the colonist dressed up as Native Americans, snuck onto several ships(that were loaded up with over 15,000 pounds of tea), and dumped it into the Boston harbor.

That concludes this essay on some of the key events of history that if put together are responsible for leading to the American Revolution.