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Susie King TaylorSusie King Taylor Susie was born in 1848 as a slave. Eventually her owners allowed her to go and stay with her grandma. When war started she ran away to an island called St. Catherine. Later to an island called St. Simon, was she set up a school. Although she was never paid for her services as a nurse, she took much pride in it. In 1862, she was 14 and married and was able to teach. Later in 1866 she moved to Savannah. The father of her baby died before it was born and then she married Russel Taylor in 1879. A lot of her patients remembered her and wrote to her. Taylor will always be remembered as a very courageous person and will always be respected.

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Moon Township, PA 15108 April 30, 2002 Judges, Senior Project Board Moon Area High School 904 Beaver Grade Road Moon Township, PA 15108 Dear Judges: Ever since I moved here from California when I was in 1st grade, I have always been a person who is associated with the out doors.

I grew up fishing and hunting with my dad and uncle. When my uncle started to archery hunt it made me want to learn as well. I was too young to hunt by myself at that time, but a few years down the road I soon would be able to.

I started archery hunting in early September of 2001, but began to practice in July. It was difficult but I found that I have a lot of patience. I was not the best shot, but with practice I better. My dad and uncle offered me a lot of support. Later a new neighbor moved in next door named Gary Adams. Gary soon became a helpful...