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I know its been like 2 months since you wrote me and i apologize for the delay. This letter is actualy draft #3 and hopefully the final version of this letter. I'm going to say a lot of things in this letter and it won't flow togather im just going to start typing. Well i guess i'll tell you whats going on now. Dale and Jim have decided that im no longer worth the time because i am leaving. "They're putzes anyway," as kenny put it. Kenny is pretty much the only one i can turn to about anything. He has stopped hanning around the sunshop, got a job, and a steady girl friend(his sugar momma, shes rich as hell). I have been kept busy by band. We had jazz festival last friday and got straight 1's (A+'s) and a standing ovation. Then Saturday we had Solo and ensamble. I was in 3 ensamble and we got superiors on all of them.

This week i started piano and guitar lessons. I havn't seen Aly since the night before you left but I have seen Kyle. Poor Kyle. I guess that was a wile ago though. Jill and I hung out one night but thats it. She is to busy with Keen. Now that I look back on it i guess thats they way we were too.

Well enough bullshit. I'm deeply sorry about what happened to you Kim. I will always feel partly responsable and I am here for you. You know its not your fault right? There is nothing you could have done about it. Ther is something you need to do now though. I understand well no thats a lie I don't understand but i can begin to imagine how hard it is for you to talk to people about this, but it is the only way.