Letter from King Henry the 8th to Saint Thomas More

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Lord Chancellor,

It has come to ye that loyalty is hard to find. There is a resistance towards the decision for that of ye divorce. Thus is thy decision Chancellor, for or against, may thee think it well, as will leave thee not an understanding friend if for the disapproval. For what is to become of the daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragón, her future is not of the importance, we first must deal with the future of England. To divorce ye wife authority must be now that it will be even harder to divorce, as the Pope is in power with the emperor Charles V, and is not likely to let his nephew fall. Now ye fellow fears, if continues, for how soon will majesty meet misery.

I pose sufficient reign to which proving false treason to thy name. Your lack in loyalty had ye in disgust. Daring the event to the teeth, in all uproar, at even to the knowledge of such false trust.

Chancellor, for denial to superior decision is a disgraceful off duty, only to which thee knew enough to base certain views, but to another fault there is another turn, yet this fault is the last. The women that brought failure, has brought thee to a point of annulling marriage, for which thee could only wish had happened, but to annul this past lover, thee has assistance with Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, by which grateful for his attempts, in such satisfaction, for then giving chance to a male heir to the future England.

A man may weep upon his grave, to whom which is opposition, as to which is suppressed. Act of Succession, to sware on the oath, at which this makes bold mouths, as their thongs spit their duties out, and cold hearts freeze,