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Today one of the greatest, problems is cancer.

It is one of the hardest diseases to overcome, and unfortunately it is quiet common in today's society. Cancer is something that not only requires medical attention, but also support from family and friends, because it is a long process to get back to good health, and it will most likely get worse before it gets better. A major type of cancer is Leukemia. It accounts for one third of the cancer reports each year. Many people think that if a person has leukemia, he or she is sure to die from it. What they don't understand is there are many types or leukemia, many different ways to treat it, and people who do survive from it. And as doctors say, there is always hope in modern medicine, and never give up.

This year alone about 31,500 new cases of leukemia were reported in the United States.

Most cases occur in older adults, more than half are over the age of 60. But it effects both sexes, all ages, and all racial backgrounds. It is the most common cancer among children.

Children are mostly affected between the ages or 2-5. More men are effected than women. Males account for 65 percent of leukemia reports. In the United States alone there are about 3,250 children diagnosed with leukemia each year.

Most children are cured, because children tend to go the doctor more often than adults, so they are able to find the cancer in the first stages, as oppose to adults, who usually go once or twice a year to the doctor, and leukemia can spread very quickly throughout the body. It takes a while before you begin to feel the symptoms, and in most cases if you already feel sick it might...