The Life of Anne Boleyn

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Anne Boleyn spent three years of her life as the queen of England. At first, she denied King Henry and had no wish to be queen, but he still pursued her. It is remarkable that she was an obsession of the King, so much so, that he went to great lengths to attain her. This included finding ways to divorce his wife Catherine, and separating England from the Roman Church. Anne used to be the lady in waiting for King Henry’s previous queen, Catherine. Despite always being in the backseat, she still stood out, and won his attention. Anne was always part of the help, but she worked her charm into Henry’s heart. She is also known as one of the most influential and well-known queens in England. All these examples are why I find Anne so interesting and remarkable.

Initially, Anne Boleyn was not wooed by the King’s efforts to have her.

She desired a normal family life, but as time progressed, she warmed up to the idea of being Queen of England. She was not tempted by the many lavish gifts and the attention of the King. She did not have a growing affection for him. Anne’s ambition was focused on doing as much she could do for her faith. She did not have materialistic desires, but worked to keep her belief a number one priority. Putting all of her energy into her religion is very admirable and respectable. Anne Boleyn displayed responsibility and self-sacrifice, which made her life most commendable.

In 1536, Anne was executed for committing treason and adultery. Though there is little proof of Anne’s affairs, it is possible. Under torture, one of Anne’s supposed lovers confessed that he had an affair with Anne. To this day,, we do not know if this was a...