Life cannot have meaning without religious faith

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â oeLife cannot have ultimate meaning without religious faith.â This topic, for the sixth philosophy debate, is one that has been argued for centuries, yet increasingly in recent years. With cultures and societies changing views on religion arguments on whether or not a meaningful life has any connection with faith are intensifying. Atheists would claim that they have forever lived without the guidance or even belief of any God, yet been able to enjoy a meaningful life. On the other hand, Christians believe that it is impossible to live a life with meaning if God has no part in it. They suggest that atheists are confused and unable to see the true path to meaning. This paper will support the claim that life, in order to have ultimate meaning, must hold religious faith and will disprove the atheist beliefs. To begin, religion speaks of an afterlife or a heaven that a person will voyage to when his or her human body dies.

This stage is seen to Christians as the ultimate reward for living a virtuous life during the years they spent on the Earth. In other words, reaching heaven is what Christians live for. Heaven is why a believer will do his or her best to live both an honorable life and a life that will benefit others. If a person, however, does not hold religious beliefs, the converse of this must be questioned. What does an atheist have to live for? Why do they bother to waste time being here? The most common answer to these questions usually rides along the lines of living life to the fullest while the person has such little time. This answer, though, has flaws and really does not make much sense. Without an afterlife to work for, life is pointless. Why...