The Life of Charlemagne

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To many, Charlemagne was perhaps the greatest ruler of all time. Charlamagne was able to create and control one of the largest empires in history comparable to that of the one ruled by Julius Caesar. Charlamagne led many of his armies battle to victory on the battle field himself and was on of the most respected generals and eventually dictators of the time.

One of the reasons that Charlemagne is so remembered is because he was a king, and most kings are remembered. Charlamagne inherited the title of king in 1768 when his father, Pepin passed away. And Charlamagne also refereed to as King Charles. Pepin chose Charlamagne to be heir to the throne over his other son, Carloman. Carloman was so upset by this decision that he was almost driven to suicide. But Charlamagne felt that he was destined to more than a king, he felt that he was here as a representative of god.

For Charlamagne truly believed that he was better than most other humans on this planet. A sign of greatness or was he just connected? The answer to that is for you to decide. In society Charlamagne took over total economic control of France, and the aftermath was devastating. France had seen many of it's commoners become poor because of Charlamagne almost foolish management of the economy. Charlamagne spent over 50% of the tax dollars on develping the army for which he was the self appointed general too. But despite Charlamagnes inability to control the economy, he still managed to have the overwhelming support of the people. For almost no one dared to speak aloud against Charlamagne. It was not until much later on however that Charlamagne ruled one of the biggest empires ever. During his time as king, Charlamagne married five times...