What was life like under war communism? (Russia)

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What was life like under war communism? Anya A, Remove

War communism was brought in my Lenin and it was inaugurated to keep the Red Army supplied. War communism was a tough policy introduced for this matter to be maintained. War communism affected people in both the city, and the countryside.

In the towns, the state took control of industry and they also enjoined factories what to produce. In 1917, the factories were handed over to the control of workers' committees; however, the committees did not control them well at all. Lenin then put in his own managers, and told them to work with great discipline on the workers. Food was rationed rather than money and people could only get a ration card if they were workers. This meant that people, who did not have jobs, would automatically desire a job. Although this was good, because the work force would increase, there was only a certain amount of space in each factory and the majority of it was already occupied.

Source 3 portrays the people that were not able to get jobs. Many 'middle class' people were 'unable to get jobs' or 'rations.' In the image, you can see them 'selling their own belongings' to survive. Considering it was very cold and they didn't have enough money, for them to be selling things that keep them warm that they can't afford to replace, could cause a lot of problems for them such as diseases of being too cold.

Furthermore, this would keep people deprived or not having enough of food if they were unable or not capable of getting a job, which meant people would pursue their hunger in a different manner, and in this case, it was illegally. The black market was established to purchase goods illegally, without the...