Life in London in the 1600's

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Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in London in the 1600's? What did people learn? What kind of jobs did they do? I know you probably don't ever think about that, but maybe this presentation will leave you to walk away wondering: How could they live like that?!!

Let's start with where we would be as children in London. The boys would be at a school getting a public education; the girls would be at home getting a private education from a tutor. Although a girl's education would usually include reading and arithmetic, most of her schooling was learning how to become a proper lady. If you were wealthy though, girl or boy, you would have a private tutor at your home with a more broad range of topics. There are three main courses of public education. The first and most elementary is called petty school.

In petty school you learn to read and write in English and do basic math. Petty school is mainly just to prepare you for grammar school. Grammar school is the next level of schooling. The main thing in grammar school is the study of Latin grammar. You go to grammar school to prepare yourself for the university, where courses are conducted in Latin. The reason there is so much focus on Latin is because if you wish to go anywhere in your life, you have to know Latin well. Latin is spoken as the language of international affairs; to trade your goods in your job you must know how to speak the language the traders are speaking.

Speaking of jobs, let's go on to what the adults are doing. You could work in town selling your goods, or you could work as a servant for a family or on a...