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Since the beginning of the human species civilizations have sprouted, grew, bloomed, and burned, this reciprocating cycle will likely not end till the resources of the earth are depleted. Of all the civilizations I would have liked to live in the Roman Empire because the society was so complex and respectable, specifically being that the government was so organized and decisive. The Roman Civilization was very complex compared to most of the other civilizations present in the same time period, on the other hand this complexity spawns a harbor for lackadaisical behavior. It was also the largest civilization in Europe (at the time), and had a military force to be reckoned with. Large advances in technology made life easier and much more enjoyable for a noble than a regular citizen.

The Roman Empire had its bad side as well as a good, with sophistication came corruption and with that neglect.

The Roman Empire fell apart for several reasons; one being that it had expanded to the point of it being difficult to ship supplies and soldiers to the borders of the empire. As well, the fact that barbarians were attacking the borders did not help the empire's state of affairs. Because the leaders of the Roman Empire were too busy amusing themselves with wine and women to manage the state of affairs in the cities and country the government quickly fell into separate divisions and started to fight amongst each other. What happened to the Roman Empire has not happened to any civilizations since to our knowledge to the same degree.

The Roman Empire made significant advances in the ways of engineering, education, and governmental procedures. These leaps in technology made the Roman Empire a desirable time to live as a noble. I would have liked to live during that...