The Life of Nero - A summary of the life of Nero Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus.

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Nero (37 AD - 68 AD)

He was born as Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, but is more commonly known as Nero. He could be known as one of Rome's most influential leaders as well as being a depraved tyrant. Nero was born in Autium, where he grew up with his mother, Agrippina, since his father died when he was three. When his mother married the emperor Claudius, Nero became next inline for the throne of Rome. Then when Claudius died Nero became emperor and ruled flawlessly for his first 5 years. He stopped contests that involved bloodshed, banned capital punishment, reduced taxes, improved the independence of the roman senate and gave rights to slaves to speak out against their masters. Nero promoted poetry, theater and even athletics. He even became some what of a poet as well as a musician and actor. Nero also became intrigued by the mystery religions of Greece and the Middle East.

Everything seemed to be going just as his advisor, Seneca, had planed, free of all crime. But then in 59 ADNero became aggravated by his mother's ideals and had her murdered. Three years later he murdered his wife Octavia.

Next came one of the most devastating events in roman history. In 64 AD the Great Fire of Rome took place. In which, of Rome's 14 regions, only 4 remained untouched while 7 were ruined, and the rest were completely lost. The fire burned for six days, while some sources say that during which time Nero stood on a stage in Rome and recited the poem of the battle of troy. It is also believed that Nero claimed that the Christians started the fire, and for this he executed many of them for this crime.

Because of Nero's religious and artistic obsessions,