Life of a Psychiatrist

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Psychiatrists are certified doctors that diagnose patients in many ways. In order to achieve the goal of becoming a psychiatrist you must attend college for an average of twelve years. Statistics show that over twenty-five percent of the people on earth have an emotional or mental disorder that could benefit from the use of a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists serve an immense purpose in life, have an exceptionally long school life, and will always be needed in the future.

Psychiatry is important because they diagnose and cure patients form their mental or emotional problems. They deal with disorders ranging from stress to suicidal depression and raped victims (Sacks 128-129). Psychiatrists form his/her own opinion from what the patient describes and reacts by prescribing medicine or more severely sending them to a psychiatric hospital("Psychiatry ). There have been many spectacular advancements since the nineteenth century. The greatest advancement since then was the introduction of medicine which was established in the twentieth century.

In the nineteenth century doctors used a method of evaluation called psychoanalysis which was a procedure that didn't involve the use of drugs (Grove 264). Psychiatrists have many main goals. First, they are to protect the patient from an outside source or from there internal problem (Grove 264). The way the doctors can help is by prescribing certain medications. For instance, if a patient had depression the doctor would prescribe a medicine such as Zoloft or Prozac and give the patient a certain dosage to take so they could benefit from the problem. The reason doctors take depression so seriously is because of the high possibility of that person committing suicide. Some may ask why a person would do such a thing, well they don't see anything wrong with it because they aren't mentally here. There mind is set on...