Light Buddhist Philosophy

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The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart. ?The Dhammapada

The above is a Buddhist quotation taken from the Dhammapada.The Buddhist holy book.This passage is of great importance, not only to Buddhists. But also all who care to expand their horizons in search of peace. Our common reaction to adversity or sadness is looking up. It's that simple. Even the most minor of occurrences sparks this reaction. Statements referring to God or some other higher being usually accompany this physical movement. The apparently common belief is that the answer will fall from the heavens. Why not start looking a little closer to home?Buddhist teaching state that faith or blind hope contributes to human suffering. The basis of this belief is that grief and even anger insue as a result of 'prayers' or requests not being answered. Therefore the fundamental Buddhist teaching is to look within yourself.

Within ourselves the answers lie to questions asked and unasked. Within our hearts, minds and our true selves. There is an old saying "If you don't care about yourself who else will?" Taken to another level we are ultimately responsible for our own happiness and salvation. Given some thought most people find this statement to be true. But you must first look within yourself for this answer as well.