Living With Bipolar Disorder

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Imagine watching an unsettling video and not being able to press the stop button or the pause button. That is what bipolar disorder feels like. You are watching yourself do things and counteract in things that you don't have any control over or wouldn't normally or want to partake in. It's like you lose control over yourself and don't have the power to stop what is happening even though you know that you should and it would be the right thing to do. So eventually, you regret things that you do or have done, or have this fear as to what is next to come. You are overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, depression, uncontrollable manic outbursts, hopelessness, and confusions. You think to yourself, "Am I always going to be like this?" Is there any hope for me?" "Can and will anyone help me?" The answer is yes, you just have to know where to find it and obtain the courage to do just that, ask for help.

There are medications, treatments, organizations, medical research, and doctors to help you cope and understand the true meaning of being Bipolar. But the question still remains, what exactly is bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is defined as a brain disorder that causes extreme swings in mood, energy, and ability to function. (Tohen M, American Journal of Psychiatry) The mood changes of bipolar disorder are different from everyone's normal ups and downs. There are two extremes of this illness which consist of mania, which is when energy peaks and your mood may be overly euphoric or irritable; and then there is depression which is when lethargy takes over and your mood is very sad and pessimistic. Bipolar disorder is actually very common in the United Sates. About two million American adults or one percent of the population...