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The novel Lizard is written by Dennis Covington. This is a book about a retarded looking boy and his harsh life of people and there first impressions.

The novel Lizard is about first impressions that are not right. In the novel, people are always being sneaky, for instance, Lizard is looked at differently because of his physical appearance. Lizard is looked at by everyone and is thought to be retarded but in reality he is quite intelligent. "Lizard says, sure me eyes are more on the sides of my head than most people's, but they're a real nice color, kind of like seawater. I don't even have to wear glasses. People think that I can see good because my eyes look in different directions. They also think, because my nose lays down on its side, that I cant breath right"(3). Miss Cooley sends Lizard to a school for the retarded because he looks like he would fit in.

No one really wants to get to know Lizard because of his looks and they don't even know him. Miss Cooley does something to make her look better instead of helping someone. She sends Lizard to a school for the retarded because she doesn't want the man in her life not to like her because of Lizard's looks. Lizard doesn't even want to go to the school. Even though Lizard didn't want to go to the school it did help him in away. It helped Lizard and his ability to be on his own. Also Callahn and Sally help Lizard out by taking him place to meet new people.

This explains some of the reason that you shouldn't first guess anyone. Lizard is a hard would normal person that has some difficulties.