The Long Term Causes of The French Revolution

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This paper is on the The Long Term Causes of the French Revolution. It will

explain events that leaded up to the revolution and how they occured and caused the great

revolution to happen.

Louis XVI, who was of the royal house of Bourban, became the absolute monarch

of France when his grand father Louis XV died. When Louis the XVI became king,

France was having a lot of problems, and was changing very fast. So France needed a

strong leader to make wise decisons and to deal with problems with the French people.

Although Louis had lot's of good Ideas he was weak ruler and he could not make the

decisons need at the time.

In 1770 when Louis was fifeteen he married the fourteen year old Marie

Antoinette, who was the daughter Maria Theresa, the Emperss of Austria. the marriage

was set up to build a stronger alliance between France and Austria.

During the fist couple

of years they were married she became extreamly unpopular. The reason why she became

so unpopular is because she liked to spend allot of money which the people thought was

just a waste of time. Because of this she was nicked named 'Madam Deficit' (1) The

people blamed a lot of the countries problems on her because they dispised her so much.

Even though France was going through hard times the majority of people liked

Louis, but he had little or nothing to do with the lower class, he spent allot of time with

the Nobles of France and was generally surrounded by thousands of Nobles in the Palace

at Versailles. Louis did know to much what was going on in the country in which he ruled,

especially in the Debt that France had. France was suffering large finacile trouble...