"Looking for Alibrandi" by Melina Marchetta

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Looking For Alibrandi

'Josie journey of discovery is sometimes painful but, in the long run, all her experiences contribute to a sense of fulfillment'. Discuss with detailed reference to the text.

Josephine Alibrandi at the age of seventeen is at her final year of her high school life in St Martha's, at a turning point in her life, a year where she discovers much more about her family, her friends and herself. Trying to cope with her Italian origin and illegitimacy is her biggest obstacle; to overcome it she needs to look for an answer that will change her forever. Through these experiences she undergoes many challenges that will lead her to an understanding and to a point where she will accept herself and live to her fullest.

Josie a high school academic scholarship achiever lives singly with her mother, Christina Alibrandi in Sydney. Josie knew what it meant not to have a father and only knew things about him from her mother's prospective.

Josie shares a very close relationship with her mother as she has been the one and only person she could ever depend on. She was brought up with both her mother and grandmother enforcing their strict Italian culture on to her. Josie's view of her Nonna changes from as a nagging old women to a loving, caring, respectful woman. Firstly Josie objected to spend the time with her Nonna, as she states "my main objective in life at the moment is to get on my grandmothers nerves." However as Josie continue done the path of her journey she learns more about her Nonna's life and about her secret affair with Marcus Sanford. She finds out that her grandmother "Hadn't lived the life she had always thought, she hadn't stick to the rules." By...