Lord Of The Flies

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The setting of The Lord of the Flies is about the 1950's. It takes place on what is to be believed an island. There is a plane crash and the only survivors are all the children on the plane. The island is jungle like with mostly boars and pigs it seems.

Ralph the main character is in a plane crash. He is wondering around the island when he comes across another boy with glasses and chubby, he tells Ralph that he doesn't like to be called Piggy but the name just seemed to stick. So Ralph and Piggy set off looking for others. On a beach Ralph find a conch, Piggy tells Ralph to blow on it so he does and a couple of minutes later a whole bunch of boys come to him. The conch seemed to attracted them all. Piggy went around taking down names. Jack the head chorus boy thought that they should have a leader, so they voted, Ralph was chosen.

That made Jack very mad. So Jack wouldn't be to mad, Ralph mad him the headhunter, and his chorus boys were the hunters. Simon, Ralph and Jack went off to see if they were on an island or not, they came to the conclusion that they were. Then went Jack got back he went with his hunters to hunt. They came back empty handed. A couple of days past, soon Jack was trying to take over, so Piggy went and tried to restore order by blowing the conch. Jack pushed a large bolder onto Piggy he fell of a cliff with the conch, now Piggy was dead. Then some boys started to see a beast. They went to hunt it but Ralph kept telling them that there was no beast, and Jack got mad. Soon they were against Ralph. They were on a mission to kill him. On the last chase, they chased Ralph onto the beach and a man was there, he asked what they were doing and then informed them that this was not an island. Then he got them all into a plane and took them home.

The characters are Ralph a young boy about twelve, sensible and every likeable.

Then there is Jack, a cruel, power-hungry young boy about twelve too. Simon, a younger boy, about nine years old skinny, shy and thoughtful. Piggy, a chubby, very intelligent friend of Ralph, and has thick glasses.