"The Lord of the Flies"

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This paper will be basically divided into three parts. The first part would be a brief summary of the novel, highlighting the most important occurrences in the storyline. The second part would mainly devoted to the identification of moral issues found in the novel. This part would also include personal critiques on the moral dilemmas that will be presented. Finally, the last part of this paper will discuss the relevance of the narrative to the whole course of Corporate Social Responsiveness.

I. Summary of the Novel

The novel opens the first chapter (The Sound of Shell) by introducing two little boys stranded in an island. Their names are Piggy and Ralph, two completely different boys suddenly flung into each other's companionship. Apparently, there was a plane crash and the pilot was dead. All the survivors are children, and there are no other adults that survived the crash. Piggy recommended to Ralph that they should try to look for other survivors.

The two came across a conch shell that the eventually used as a horn to summon other survivors to them. Accordingly, many children responded to their call. Among the most notable of the children who responded would be Jack Merridew, the leader of a small choir group.

After the last of the children responded to the sound of the conch, the group of children survivors elected Ralph as their chief in this uninhabited island. One of the first decisions Ralph made as chief was to determine whether or not they were really stuck on an isolated island. Ralph, Simon and Jack (who has been assigned as hunters along with his choir) affirmed this fact by scaling the island's mountain. The chapter end's with Jack failing to kill a piglet on the descent, but promises to redeem himself by...