Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies

We aren't free and never will be even if we fight for it and get deceived into a false sense of success. That's because it is not our nature to be free. After all, we don't even know what freedom means! Maybe we were once free when we were in caves. Free to decide where to go and where to stay. We could hunt, eat, play, sleep, drink and even kill when we wanted and when it was necessary, without anyone preventing us. We weren't bounded with obligations, we had no time to fulfill and we didn't have to work all month to earn a paycheck and survive. Especially because hours, days, weeks, months or years didn't exist, these were all inventions. In Lord of the Flies written by William Golding this is how Ralph, Jack, Simon, Roger, Piggy, Sam and Eric and all the other boys who fell on an island in the middle of the war are found.

Only children - humans starting life in a stage where instinct is present all the time. It takes time to understand that we have rules to follow, until we improve enough to survive in this world full of laws and rules, at least until we kill most of the wildness within us. No need to think hard to understand Golding's book is full of symbolisms; and that the Lord of the Flies doesn't really exist. Symbols such as the beast, the conch and Piggy's glasses become essential proof of the boys' transition from their civilized ways to savage like ones.

There are several symbolisms in the story, beginning with the title of the novel, that is, etymologically, the meaning of Beelzebub, a synonym...