"Lord of the Flies"- Short reasoning on why Jack gets more power

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In the beginning of "The Lord of the Flies", Ralph is elected the leader of the group. However, by the end of the novel, Jack has more power and followers than Ralph. This happens because the boys are stranded on the island and respond and respect fear more than love. Ralph is nice to all the boys making him a well likable person and a loved by his followers. But on the other hand, Jack's vicious, manipulative personality makes him a feared leader. As one could see the boys in this book listen and follow Jack more than Ralph. This is because they are too afraid to go against Jack. They are afraid because they think he will do something bad to them. The boys think if the betrayed Ralph they wouldn't have to worry about him doing something cruel to them. This means the boys think Ralph is soft just because he was a nice guy.

In conclusion, Jack, a feared leader, would possess more power than Ralph, a loved leader; because the boys know Jack could do anything to them. They know this because there is not greater power to stop him and that is why the boys would be the follower of a feared leader.