"Lord Of the Flies" by William Golding.

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Lord Of The Flies

By: William Golding

Lord of the flies is about a bunch of children who are stranded on an island with absolutely no adults, meaning no civilization or order. The story starts off with two boys Piggy and Ralph who bring all the children together by blowing on a conch shell. The conch shell, in my opinion, is the most relevant symbol in the story. The conch sets rules, it has the importance of stability and it is the only symbol of civilization.

The conch gives the kids something to follow, it is pretty much the only thing they have. It gives the children a sense of law and order. Without rules things could go into a state of anarchy. The conch represents a democracy, you must raise your hand if you would like to speak. "We can't have everybody talking at once. We'll have to have hands up like at school."

It makes sure that the opinions of all are taken into consideration and to maintain a regularity of fairness in all the individuals. Rules keep equality between all the individuals on the island.

The conch demonstrates stability in the story. When the story begins it is the conch that unites all the children together. It is stability that gives these kids strength as a whole. Like when Ralph builds the shelters not many of the children help him. They go off and play and not realizing what really is essential. The problem is these children are used to having adults to do these types of things, now they must act as adults and complete tasks that could be strenuous and complex.

In Lord of the Flies, there is no connection between the children and civilization. They have no society to base morals, values...