"Lord of the Flies" By William Golding How Golding created an atmosphere of fear within the first 5 chapters

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He then woke up and started to call for Ralph, he "...saw something moving among

the trees, something big and horrid." At that point most of the "little 'uns" and most

of the "big 'uns" started to laugh with a horrified sympathy. Right after they

stopped laughing Ralph exclaimed that it was a nightmare, and that he was walking in his sleep. The days following that meeting

were different than they had been. From that time on they sent expeditions of

hunters to find this "beasty" thing. At night some of the little boys had nightmares.

They screamed and cried. As time wore on, the big 'uns" became demoralized and

started to believe in it.

By the end of chapter five, Golding has increased the level of fear in the

minds of the boys. The boys are getting more afraid that they will never be found

after blowing their first chance by letting the fire go out.

The first acts of violence

between the boys have occurred. They are afraid that they are being watched and

hunted by some unknown creature. They have also started to become more savage

and enjoy violent acts, like slaughtering the pig: "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill

her blood."