Lord If The Flies

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The Lord of the Flies By: William Golding Setting: The Lord of the Flies takes place on a remote tropical island located somewhere in the ocean. My guess is that the novel takes place sometime in the mid 1900's probably sometime between 1940 and 1950. This is a fairly large island with one mountain that enables you to see all the way around the island. The mountain is fairly steep but on one side it is rough and rocky. On the top of this mountain the boys built a fire pit that they could use to signal boats that come by to try to get their attention. The island is a dense forest full of palm trees, tall grass and many fruit bearing bushes. Within this grass they build shelters for the boys to stay in either to sleep or to keep themselves protected by rain. This is an uninhibited island before the boys arrive.

All that is there are a few birds, snakes, and wild pigs. On this island there is also a great platform protruding from the ground. This is the assemblies are held. It is mostly a sunny island, except for the rain and the occasional storm. After the plane loses the boys, they all end up on this island. The boys are as young as about five and about as old as a preteen boy. The younger boys are mostly frightened while on this island, while the older boys are also frightened, yet they are also excited. Throughout the novel there is tension between many of the boys, which makes the atmosphere uneasy. The boys are also lazy so nothing gets done, which adds to the tension because nothing gets done. This is the basic setting of the novel.

Characters: Jack MerridewJack Merridew was one...