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Many kids around the world are now suffering from a decease called ALD. This decease is not so very common, in fact it only effects males between the ages of five and ten. The way this gets past around is that the female parent(mom) and only the female carries a genetic trait passed down from generations. ALD affects the dietary system and the way fatty acids are broken down. Lorenzo is an average kid and becomes deathly ill over a short amount of time. This rare genetic trait can cause a lot of serious damage to a person. Blindness, deaf, motionless, cesers, and death after 24 months of diagnosis. The parents take Lorenzo to a doctor and they tell them that they are still trying to find out what this decease is and find a cure for it. This method the doctors told them to use did not work at all and Lorenzo had gotten worse everyday.

The Mother and Father turned to a ALD committee that helps parents get through the hard times with their child. The committee takes doctors advise and doctors advise only because they don't trust any body without a degree in medicine. The doctors around the world had found no cure but to tell the families what to feed their child. Of course the doctors were all wrong and Lorenzo's parents were getting vary angry. So finally Lorenzo's Mother and Father both join together and study the history of this decease and find out what the problem is. They came up with a conclusion that Lorenzo's body could only work one thing at a time. So the had specialist around the world come up with and oil that keeps on part of the body working and the other breaking down the fatty...