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True Friends During the fall of 1989, me and my family moved into our new home in Marmora. Being four years old, I did not yet attend school and therefore the only friend that I had was my younger sister. By the next summer of 1990, my parents decided to throw a big party in which all of our relatives and friends were invited, even neighbors. They called it a corn roast. I remember this corn roast clear as day only because this is where I met my first friend, Jessica Fayanne Fluke.

The night was still young, and there she was, walking down my driveway with her parents. The first words that came out of my mouth were, "Why you here at my corn roast?" and she replied, " I came to eat some corn!" I was still yet four and Jessica was five, and from that moment on we friends, best friends.

Everyday we would be at one another's houses and would play and fight together all the time. During the spring Jess and I always liked to play in the mud or find some new materials for our fort. When summer came around, we would walk to the river and go swimming or we would swing on the tree tire in her yard. By the winter, we always played out side in the snow and I remember how Jessica would always shove my head in the snowbank, only because she was bigger and had the upper hand.

Fall came around fairly quickly, now there was no time for play and time for my first day of school, it was the worst day of my life. I was so scared because, I had no other friends besides Jess, and she was a year older than me. Therefore she...