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Mariam Saeed

Mrs. Verhoog


October 6, 2014

Greed verses Ambition

Is there a difference between greed and ambition? There are greedy people in this world who have everything they want and yet they still want more. Then there are ambitious people who desire to reach their big goal and/or to fulfil their life purpose. This is the problem in life. How much more can you get and how less may you have? Firstly, the greedy one wants as much as they can have. Ambitious one wants to work to get that much more. Secondly, greed is contempt of responsibilities. Ambition involves an authority of priorities. Lastly, greed is sustained by desire. Ambition is sustained by the genuine heart. The difference between greed and ambition relies on how your type of behaviour is. A stubborn, self-centered personality makes the person follow the path of greediness. A kind-hearted, gracious personality makes the person follow the path of ambition.

To start off, greed makes you want everything. You may be that one person living in a mansion, with a nice car and anything you can dream for, but yet you still want more to fulfil your happiness. Ambition is setting your future and following the right path by choosing the right choices to accomplish your desires. To relate to how greed can lead you to bad luck, The Dog and His Reflection (Aesop's Fables) relates to this kind of situation. A hungry dog finds himself a bone to keep to himself, but since he is too greedy to share, he decides to run home and have the bone all to himself. Until he sees the reflection of the bone in the river and mistakes it with another bone, that is the end to his only source of food. The dog was...