How To Make A Black Hole

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Hey everybody! Ever been bored on a rainy day? Played all the video games you have? Watched all the T.V you can stand, and want something new? Are your parents wondering if you will ever do something productive with your life? I have a fun, and educational, way to take care of all the problems at same time. Get some your friends together and make a black hole!

"Now wait a second," I hear you say. "Isn't a black hole a singularity in the time-space continuum where the gravity's so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape? Aren't those a little dangerous? I could get hurt, or in trouble!" Well, I wont lie. Black holes can be dangerous to nearby matter, such as people, pets, planets and stars, if they are not watched carefully. However, with all the proper safety precautions, like goggles and a good understanding of basic physics, you should be able to make one relatively easily.

As for getting into trouble don't even worry about that! Black holes are theorized to be quite common; there may even be one in the center of our own galaxy. As far as I know there's no federal, state, or local law against creating your own. In other words, not only is creating a black hole fun, it is in fact entirely legal.

The best thing about creating a black hole is how simple it is. You need only one ingredient, Hydrogen. That's it. You do need a lot of it though. In fact you need enough to create a star that's about 50 times as massive as our own sun. The sun is 333,000 as massive as planet earth. Yes, that's a lot of hydrogen to get the. The good news here is that hydrogen is the most abundant...