The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

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The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat


A well known Neurology and Psychology book is "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" is written by Oliver Sacks. Oliver Sacks is recognized as a physician and a neurologist and as well he is the familiar writer of nine other books (Goodwin, 233-235). "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" is about the narratives of his neurological disorder patients. Sacks wrote the case study of his patients with an attractive and interesting language. As the title proposes, this book is a compilation of personal experienced case studies observed by Sacks throughout his days dealing with these patients. The title comes from one of the error of this patient, an "well-known musician, who slowly commence to show a continues cognitive collapse at the whole things he saw each day and to mystify among particularly humans living and their objects", at the last of an interview with Dr.

Sacks puzzled head of his wife with his hat, and capture her by trying to put it in his head (Gutman, 78-82).


This book is separated into 4 segments: "Losses," "Excesses," "Transports," and "The World of the Simple". In every segment, Dr. Sacks discuss different clinical stories which specify the behavioral effects of different physiological disorders. In the "Losses" segment, for instance, the person who reads the book introduce a man with amnesia which goes back to 1945; a lady with no intellect of body veracity; a male who lean ominously during life like the Leaning Tower of Pisa; and the book's title patient, "The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat." In the "Excesses" segment, Dr. Sacks start talking about Witty Ticcy Ray, whose unmanageable convulsion were together a social impediment and a...