"Man the State and War" by Kenneth Waltz

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War, conflict of interest and differences have a timeless quality and this phenomena has crossed the throes of history. The lack of harmony and a state of acrimony in continuum has sparked numerous thinkers to contemplate the causes if not to reflect on the consequences of war. Whether the Punic Wars, or World War 2, the nature of war has essentially never changed. Man vs. man, whether armed with spears or nuclear missiles, was and is in hostile confrontation. Volumes of literature have been written in contemplation of what actually causes war. One such work of litreature is Man, the State and War: A Theoretical Analysis. Man, the State and War, by Kenneth Waltz is a cumulation of historical and contemporary ideas that attempt to answer the question, "what are the causes of war?" Kenneth Waltz is a scholar of international relations, who has written books such as and Foreign Policy and Democratic Politics.

Dr. Waltz is also one of the founders of the international relations theory of structural realism, a concept that emerged in his book Theory of International Politics ("Waltz, Kenneth", 2008). In his book author Kenneth Waltz considers a tripartite approach to international politics, three levels of analysis, man, the state and war are in constant interplay with each other in the arena of international relations. Waltz proposes a plausible solution to the causes of war in the form of a world government. According to Waltz, this would be a better framework for international relations.

In brief, Man, the State and War, as the title suggests is built up on three pivotal aspects or images: man, his behaviour, and the existence of the state in international anarchy. According to Waltz, the causes of wars lie intertwined in the three images. Presenting several contrasting views on what...