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There are certain factors that cause a species to become endangered. They are species with a very narrow geographical range, species that migrate, species with specialized niche requirements, species with small population size, species with only one or a few population sizes, species that need a large home range. The manatee has all of these stipulations acting on it and this has caused them to become endangered.

All species require certain factors to be met in order to survive. If some or even just one of these factors is missing it could mean disaster for that species. This is happening to a particular species right now. This species is the manatee, and many of its requirements to survive are not being met. This is causing the manatee population to decrease more every year. What is happening to the manatee is happening to many different species around the world. They are all tied together by the need of certain factors in order to survive.

When these factors fail to be met it demonstrates what can happen to a particular species.

What are the universal factors in determining if a species survives or becomes extinct? There are certain factors that make a species more vulnerable to becoming extinct. It does not mean that if this factor is met endangerment is certain. Each species may react differently to different factors. What is certain is the more factors that are met the greater percentage the species has of becoming endangered. Certain factors may also have more of an effect than others may. Again, this affects different species differently.

The first factor in determining species survival is, species that have a large body size are more susceptible of becoming endangered. This is because large animals tend to have large individual ranges, require more food, and...