Mandatory H.I.V Employment Testing.

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Thousands of people have been diagnosed with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Many types of jobs now require mandatory testing for H.I.V virus prior to employment. How do you stand on H.I.V testing by employees. My position is that we should go through with it. It will be better for business and communities. H.I.V is a very serious subject that should be taken SERIOUSLY.

When HIV was first recognized as a public health problem, all of us dramatically underestimated the spread and deadly path this virus would cut throughout the world. And tragically, we are still underestimating this impact. HIV is severely undermining development, with millions of lives in the balance. It is no exaggeration to say that AIDS is one of the greatest threats to the global community in this new millennium, leaving no part of the world untouched. It has become the virus of all virus because it can be easily spread.

When we think of this testing you should think how it can help not only the people at work but the families. They can feel the comfort and ease to know that their loved ones are safe. If a employee does happen to have it, they can help them out as much as they can before it is too late.

This testing could help out the big businesses, because they would not be loosing employees and would gain some employees that will feel the comfort at working at the business. Each employee rakes int some money, so every man counts to help out the business. It will make the customers feel that they can trust the business, because they know they do the best for the people.

Testing for H.I.V not only helps out the employees but society as well. It will help stop...