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For years, Marijuana has been used as an euphoria agent since ancient times; it was considered to be a Chinese medicine to date from 2737 B.C. It has a long History of being used as a helpful medicine for extreme diseases. Its use spread to India and later on to North Africa till it reached Europe by the early A.D. 500. Marijuana used to be grown as a source of fiber and it was extensively cultivated during World War II, although its growth reaches 2,000 years ago and was also used as an hallucinogen. This occurred when Asian hemp sources were radically cut off. The main focus references to a cannabis product were its powers as a medication for gout, malaria, rheumatism, absent-mindedness and others. Some people mentioned that this " Medical Plant" had intoxicating properties and they considered the medicinal value more important than that.

The muslims used recreationally for alcohol consumption before it was banned by the Korn. They were the ones who introduced "Hashish", whose popularity was spread really fast between the 12th century in Iran and as mentioned before, North Africa.

In 1545, the Spanish introduced Marijuana to the world. The british introduced it in Jamestown in 1611 where its commercial crop with the tobacco became a major commercial and was grown as a source of fiber. By 1890, Marijuana had been replaced by cotton as cash crop in some southern states. People said that some medicine during this era contained Marijuana as its main ingredient; however, it was a small percentage if its compared to the amount of medicines containing cocaine or opium. By the early 1920's Marijuana started to catch on by everyone. Its recreational purposes was then prohibited to people in show business like jazz musicians.