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Critics mentioned many views of theirs about Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn in terms of many aspects of the novel. And the main discussion went around the two ideas about this work: if it is a racist work or not. Both sides have their own thesis; antithesis and causes to do this. So, in this essay, these views will be taken consideration under both in terms of textual and historical context.

Mark twain, born in 1835, lived in an important age in which the slavery was a great topic of debating. So, huckleberry finn was analyzed in both sides who were those claim it is a racist or anti-racist/a satire on racism. If we look at the language Twain used such a language going beyond the satire which is disturbing and disdaining. He showed us them as objects and perpetuates stereotypes, mark twain holds the belief that some races are inherently better than others.

The word "nigger" ,for instance, is the best support for this idea. And also in the novel everybody seems racist, even Huckleberry himself. At the same time , Jim "the nigger" is a stereotype character, and having religious taboos and superstitious believes which the white readers often laughs at. We should consider the age of this work written in: it is a age of slavery. America saw a civil war because of this. It is important take a short look at that age to understand the significance of slavery in the history of america and time of the work written in, which is actually the main support for those claiming this is a racist work.

During the 1850's, the United States was one country, but divided into separate socities; the north and the south. These were the two main parts of the country. Their ideals and...