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Everything in life occurs in cycles and history is no different. The United States has had many cycles in its young history, but one of the most notable cycles began with World War II. It was a stressful time that came with a victorious conclusion, with an Allied Victory. However, the cycle continued and the victory was overshadowed by a dark era in our history. This was the era called "McCarthyism." McCarthyism began when Senator Joseph McCarthy used his reckless talk and questionable methods to seek out possible communists and people suspected of unpatriotic acts. This era is defined by Senator McCarthy's rise to power and his investigation into the lives of thousands of American citizens. His investigations had a profound effect on the nation as a whole, as well as effects on the senator himself, which led to his eventual downfall.

There were many different reasons that drove Senator Joe McCarthy's obsession for banishing communism in the United States.

One of these reasons was the fear of communism in the United States, the sort of political ideas that were defeated in World War II. According to reports there were many people in the United States suspected to be communists or in support of communist ideas. Another reason that drove Joe McCarthy was his pursuit to be a national figure. His soaring ego drove him to be famous and powerful. The last reason influenced who and what McCarthy would go after. McCarthy went to great lengths in pursuit of his goal such as his investigations into the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry, actors, producers, writers, the government, communist books, and the United States Army.

The House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) had been investigating the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry and the rest of the entertainment industry beginning in 1938.