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Measure 95 The measure I chose for my speech is measure 95. Basically what measure 95 states is that teachers are paid according to their students levels test/S.A.T. scores, and if the students improved or not on their tests.

I am against this measure because the teachers would not be teaching the students what they needed to know on the subject but how to take and score most efficiently on their levels/S.A.T. tests. The students would become bored with the classes since they would study the levels tests almost every day. Also the students would not gain the proper knowledge required for that course.

If the teachers had students who didn't pay attention or were slow learners, then the teacher might receive a pay reduction or even be fired. This would not be fair because the teachers cannot enforce the students to learn or pay attention, and would therefore have little control over the students learning.

The teachers can only teach the class, they cannot make it stick in the student's heads. The whole school system would change.

I think that the teachers should be paid mostly on their teaching time spent, not on the student's progress. But that would also lead to other problems because some teachers would just show up and put in the hours, and teach poorly. But still measure 95 is a definite "NO"! As Jim Hill stated, "Ballot measure 95 fiscally irresponsible and will do nothing to improve the quality of our public schools." Measure 95 failed to pass with 65% con and 35% pro.

I think in the future a measure similar to this will be proposed. Also I think that that measure also will fail to pass as did measure 95.

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