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A king in the middle ages would have been a character of nobility. His role in society was that of a powerful, important law official, or ruler. The king's initial functions were to maintain power over the people by promising peace and a good system of government.

Problems and hardships faced may have included the breakdown of feudalism, which caused people to have little faith in the church, and thus the people turned to the king (government) for answers. At this time, the king was very dependant on the church and nobility for nobility for military aid, money, taxes, etc…and his reign was almost limited to the royal properties, which was small compared to the land of the Church and Nobles. The king used this moment to consolidate his power and to override the church's power. The king used taxes to maintain financial support. He would use this money to arm his armies with weapons (making them unbeatable by opposing armies).

Also, he gained support of the common people by promising a good government and peace in return for taxes. Because of wealth through taxes, the king was the only one who could afford weapons such as guns or artillery, increasing the power, prestige, and authority of the king.

Evidence of the king's existence has been predominantly found in writings and literature of the medieval times. The king's most important influences occurred when the church's power decreased and government power increased. People began to believe what they saw, not just what they were told, and thus began trying to understand people and the world. Thus changing industry and trade, while improving social conditions. Affecting society forever.

Another interesting fact bout a king is that above all things- the violent death of a King was treated as a moral sin and a strike against divine forces.

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