Mental Health in NSW and the Illawarra

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Mental Health Facilities in the Illawarra.

Mental Health problems is a growing area in Australia. I have researched the facilities (helplines and community health centres e.t.c) available for people in the Illawarra suffering from Mental Health problems.

I found there is a good range of facilities (listed below) that people with Mental Health problems can go to.

Adolescent Mental Health Service

19-21 Gipp St


PH: 042 294 077

This service esspecially accomodates for adolecents with mental health problems.

Bellambi Community Health Centre

Rotary Rd and Cawley Rd


PH: 02 4284 2478

Community Mental Health, Urunga Parade MHC

8 Urunga Parade


Fairy Meadow Mental Health Services

Cnr Princes hwy and Douglas Rd

Fairy Meadow

PH: 042 852 140

FAX: 042 843 071

Most general health care centres provide a basic amount of facilities for people with menatl health issues but still have limitations and if the problem is bad enough will refer the patient to somewhere with better facilities to accommodate that particular individual.

Illawarra Child Development Centre

Porter St

North Wollongong

PH: 02 4228 4177

FAX: 02 4227 3149

These facilities are designed particularly to help the development of children with all types of disabilities including mental health problems.

Industrial Therapy

Cnr Douglas Rd and Princes Hwy


PH: 042 852 140

Maneen House Living Skills Centre

4 Colleen Grove


PH: 042 273 626

Living skills centres are facilities provided for the education of people with disabilities, teaching them how to care for themselves e.t.c

Migrant Health Service

26 Lake Ave


PH: 042 746 233

FAX: 042 764 546

Mobile Treatment Team

2 Urunga Pde


PH: 042 272 777

FAX: 042 271 841

Nowra Mental Health Service

70 Berry St


PH: 02 4422 6066

Nowra/Ulladulla MHS Extended Hours (Shoalhaven)

54 Junction...