Mental Illness

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Mental illness


Mental illness


Anxiety, which can also refer to a syndrome, is a mood response to an internal threat that could be the expectation of an external threat. It is an emotional response that is out of proportion with any genuine threat found in the environment. Furthermore, instead of being directed towards a current stimulus, anxiety is associated with the anticipation of a future problem. Anxiety differs from fear in that fear is a response to an immediate external, genuine threat. Anxiety disorders, with a prevalence rate of 17 percent, represent the most common type of disorders. Regarding this prevalence rate, however, it must be noted that only about 25 percent of individuals suffering from a possible anxiety disorder seek treatment. "Anxiety disorders are illnesses that fill peoples lives with overwhelming anxiety and fear that are chronic, unremitting, and can grow progressively worse"(Portman, 2009, 32-35).



Anxiety and anxiety disorders had be present since a long time in history. In fact, anxiety is not new to people and is frequently measured in the background of proportional biology. The most primitive understanding of anxiety disorders materialize to be typically spiritual. To a prominent amount, untimely divine handling exposed some fascinating similarity to contemporary psychotherapies. Similarly, the earliest research and utilization of natural material have amazing resemblance to current pharmaceuticals. Medical explanation of anxiety disorders are not completely novel also and reach as far back as traditional Greek society. These entire elementary viewpoints are not latest, but they have been very much advanced over many centuries.

Signs and Symptoms

Anxiety disorders formed from numerous aspects as well as brain chemistry, genetics, traumatic events, family dynamics, and medical conditions. There have been several of researches done using MRIs which have identify irregularities in specific areas...