Mere Christianity

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Mere Christianity, by C. S. Lewis, started as a series of radio lectures addressing the issues of Christianity. The work tries to help the reader see Christianity from a different view. The book starts off explaining what is right and what is wrong. He explains the law of human nature. It was called this because people it should seem intuitive to everyone. It should be obvious whether their actions were right or wrong. The book also discusses what Christians believe. At the core of this belief is that there is one almighty powerful God, and Jesus Christ was his son. Jesus was sent to save everyone in the world from their sins. Central to Christianity are the baptism, the belief, and the celebration of Holy Communion. C. S. Lewis realizes that humans are not perfect beings, but that we should learn how to repent for our sins.

The next part of the book focuses on how Christians should behave. We should follow a set of moral ideals and try to live to them the best that we can. Mere Christianity mentions four cardinal virtues that should be advocated. These virtues are prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude. Christians should use their common sense when interacting with others. They should also recognize the need to not indulge in the pleasures of this world. Justice refers to fairness. Not just in the law but in all aspects of a person's life. A Christian must also have the conviction to do what is right at all times. They should not look for an easy escape, but instead should exemplify the values that they have been taught. Finally the work gives some practical tips about the Christian Theology. We must realize that God is a three dimensional entity in that we can communicate to him. This, along with discussing God with fellow Christians, is how a Christian increases his faith and understanding of God.