Mexican Immigration

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Mexican Immigration, Affecting Americas Economy There are three million illegal immigrants working in the U.S. at this point in time, and 150,000 that cross the border each year (Engstrom). The immigrants perform America?s hard labor jobs for less amounts of pay, taking away jobs from under-skilled American citizens. Because these immigrants accept lower pay rates, American employers have became dependant on their labor. Mexican immigrants have boosted Mexico?s economy with American dollars and it is starting to be a big problem for working class U.S. Citizens. Some people believe that America benefits from immigration, because we depend on someone to provide the low skilled work and that $8 billion dollars is nothing compared to an $8 trillion dollar market. Also people believe that they increase our demand, and therefore services are provided and our economy is boosted as well. So the debate is if it affects our economy for the good or for the bad.

Every year Mexican Immigrants replace American jobs and send home an average of $8 Billion dollars, which should be circulated throughout America?s economy.

America benefits from immigration in many different ways. Immigrants increase the demand for goods and services produced by native workers and firms. George J. Borjas stated: ?These immigrants buy pizza, call the plumber, and go to the supermarket-and native-owned firms and native-born workers are more than willing to provide these services to new consumers (Borjas 61).? The firms see opportunities for higher profits, and the workers see opportunities for additions jobs.

George J. Borjas believes that: ?Immigration may also increase the productivity of some native workers?. Less-skilled immigrants, can conduct many of the service tasks in a modern industrialized economy, and thereby free up time for native workers to devote to the activities where they are most productive (Borjas 88). The...