Mexican Revolution: Memorias de Un Mexicano (film)

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Reminiscences of a Mexican

Era of the Mexican Revolution

In this documentary we see Mexico as it was during the period of Profrio Diaz. The narrator begins his story in the year 1897 and depicts an era of prosperity, a calm city with new inventions such as cinematography. A time full of splendor, where the citizens of Mexico attended inauguration of public sites, bull fights, dances and parades. It seemed like a good period for the Mexican people. We are able to appreciate the way of the Mexican people lived thought the images produced. We see a busy city, in which people used carriages and buggies, trolleys, donkeys, and train as their means of transportation. We get to see the fashion of people during this time, full dresses, rebosos, and of course, the typical Mexican sobrereo. I think that this video is an amazing national treasure that allows us to experience first hand the prosperous side of the Diaz regimen.

We get to see the elaborate parades often done, one such parade is the one given in honor of el senor general Porfirio Diaz for winning the election for the sixth time in1904. In 1907 again we see a lavish inauguration of the teuantepec railroad. Holding events of this sort was usual during this era, especially during national holidays in which the whole population participated. This was a regimen know for the extravagant parties and holidays that took place. Another thing that must be noted is that of Diaz's relations with other countries, various times we see him meeting with leaders or representatives of other nations that presumably looked to make business with the Mexican president.

Not only do we get to see the ways of the people, this documentary tells us a story, a story of conflict, of...