Of Mice And Man

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The novel that I have read is John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men". It happened in Sole dad, by the Salinas River. There came two men, the first man were small and quick, dark of face, his name is George. Behind him walked his opposite, a huge man, shapeless of face, his name is Lennie. They were friends and travel around together. Lennie always gets troubles for George because he has the mind of a young child. Lennie's aunt Clara take care of him until she was dead. Then he was going with George because they grew up in a same town. His aunt Clara always gives him little mice to play, but he always kills them. At this time, they lose a job because Lennie wants to touch one girl's red dress. But the girl yells out, so they must run out of the weed. Lennie always like to feel and touch the things that he wants to because of this he gets a lot of troubles.

After this, they find a new job in the bunkhouse for picking barley. When the boss's son Curley's wife is pretty and has rolled clusters hair, like sausages. She always keeps her eyes on guys and the workers don't like her very much. George tells Lennie get away from them because he thinks they will keep Lennie in trouble. However, they meet some people in the bunkhouse. George and Lennie want to buy their own land in the future and Lennie hopes to pet rabbits in their garden. In addition, one old man named Candy also wants to join their plan and he will take out money on it. Therefore, three of them are going to work hard for make more money and figure out their land. Slim is a...