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Of Mice and Men

Further reading coursework

John stienbeck and Elisabeth gaskel are both very similar writers and both write similar storeys. Two of their books "of mice and men" and "half brothers" both have similarities and links. Even though they had 100 years of time between them the two story's both have similar characters and are both convincing in similar ways

Helen and her first husband were in a very close relationship we know this due to the fact that she could not talk about him after he died of scarlet fever, as she is two upset. Then her first baby dies just before Gregory was born. But she soon forgot about him and concentrated on rasing Gregory

She then marries William Preston but this is more for financial and social security as she starts loosing her visions and can no longer sew with her aunt fanny.

Whom came to help look after her and the baby. So when William asks her to marry him she was relieved and jumped at the chance for some one to look after her and her baby. But this was not based so much on love but on the security that he could provide.

William did not have a very god relationship with Gregory because after the third baby, the narrator, Helen dies but William blames Gregory for the death of Helen, even though it was more likely to be the narrator's fault. But William had hated Gregory to the point that he even bullied the dog, lassie. But he mused have loved him deep down as he still raised Gregory and let him live with him.

Gregory's relationship with his half brother was not a good one as they blamed each other for the death of their mother. But Gregory...