"Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck - It is not Lennie, nor Crooks but Curley that is the most pathetic character in this novel.

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Throughout the novel 'Of Mice and Men' John Steinbeck has wonderfully described each of the characters and given us a mental image for each one. He showed their personality and their role in the novel "Of Mice and Men".

From the information that he has provided us we have made decisions about what type of person each character is. John Steinbeck has made me believe that the most pathetic character in the novel 'Of Mice and Men is not Lennie, nor Crooks but Curley. John Steinbeck has shown me that Curley is cold-hearted, cruel and pathetic.

Some may think that Lennie is no doubt the most pathetic character in this novel but although Lennie may be slow, dimwitted and someone that is a grown man yet has the mind of a child this doesn't show how pathetic he is because Lennie has Mental disability and can't help it whereas Curley does not have any disability of the sort and can do something about every decision that he makes.

Crooks has been isolated, been an outcast and existed in a world that has ignored him all his life for the reason of having a different colored skin to the other 'white men'. This demonstrates that Crooks is in need of some company, it doesn't prove in any way that he is pathetic.

Crooks is jealous and despises anyone bigger, better and stronger than him. He may have a wife but he treats her as a possession and a prize that he thinks he has earned. When Curley first met Lennie he automatically disliked him for no reason whatsoever. He would pick on Lennie whenever he would get a hold of the chance.

Slim is yet another example of Curley's jealousy towards others that are better than him. Curley has...